High quality free range meat

We only use high quality free range beef, lamb and pork, sourced from the local region where a high emphasis is placed on animal welfare.

RSPCA Freedom Foods Standard

At least one of the farms that our meat is sourced from is accredited with the RSPCA Freedom Foods standard ensuring the animals welfare standard is very high

Grass Fed, Free Range Beef and Lamb

Our lovely grass fed free range beef and lamb is full of old fashioned flavour. The beef is hung for 28 days to ensure a rich taste and the lamb is allowed mature for about 10 - 14 days. This is very high quality meat from cattle and sheep fed from grazing on open pastureland. The animals do not receive routine antibiotics nor growth promoters. In our opinion this meat is as good as organic standard meat and is regionally sourced so low food miles

Award Winning Free Range Whole Chicken - Cotswold Whites

A naturally slow grown bird, reared in an ethical and free living way which helped its supplier win the 2008 Free Range Poultry Supplier award.

Farm Assured Chickens portions, no growth hormones or routine antibiotics (not free range)

These good quality farm assured chickens receive no routine antibiotics nor growth hormones and have no added water. At the moment we have no supply of free range chicken portions (only whole free range chicken is available)

Free Range Pork

Naturally reared pork to ensure a great taste. Again no routine antibiotics or growth hormones used on this RSPCA accredited Freedom Foods farm


All our meat is provided fresh (unless otherwise stated) and vac-packed in special returnable cool boxes. The returnable cool box should be returned to our driver before or when we next deliver meat.


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